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I have decades of hands-on experience within sales psychology, graphics design, internet marketing, a keen interest in self development due to over 10 000 hrs of radio presenting since 1994. I also reach every charity collection goal that I commit to, and till now have crossed millions of kroner in charity projects I have had the privilege to initiate.

Work experience

I have worked in positions related to graphics / web design, development, project management, sales, lead generation, social media, e-commerce, product design and development, & voiceover and radio

Areas of coaching

I cover various areas like E-commerce & online/offline marketing, Product & Service Development, Personal Development, Confidence & self-esteem


It was only a natural choice to start podcasting when doing radio since 1994. In these Podcasts I talk about various things, and bring on my show, guests that share their knowledge with thousands of listeners from around the world.

The Muslim Podcast

Language : English

In this podcast I touch upon topics that focus on our day to day lives.

Urdu Podcast

Language : Urdu

In this podcast which is in the Urdu language, I bring up topics revolving around life, society, relationships, and other aspects that shape our mindset.

Remedies Podcast

Language : English

In this podcast, I share the benefits of natural foods, herbs and things that will make a positive impact on your health.


Best teacher, best instructor and best helper who explains everything in detail. Mr. Wakas shares practical advice, strategies and skills which can be applied to the real world. Highly recommended!.


I am very pleased with the advice I received from Wakas. His relevant expertise and experience made me access lot of useful information and saved me time. I'd highly recommend him for advice within sales and marketing.


The Invincible Seller is a masterpiece of Wakas Mir, written from the lessons of his long business experience. Some important philosophy of selling may be learned from the book. The book has taken me into the customer’s mind and is highly recommended!


I had a very good session with Wakas. He has a lot of experience and knowledge that will give you the push to start. Recommended!


Wakas gave us exactly the knowledge we needed within two hours to be able to take the first step towards our dream of starting our own business. He guided & answered all questions in an easy-to-understand way and a concrete roadmap was set up. Wakas has deep industry knowledge and works excellently as an "initiator". We'll definitely use more coaching lessons again.


Wakas Mir provides valuable information that really opens new doors. Highly recommended if you want to discuss any idea that you want to realise.



It was a pleasure to have Wakas as part of our team. He was very positive and helpful in dealing with our Norwegian and international clients within web monitoring. I especially appreciated his engagement and caring for both our clients and CyberWatcher.

Morten Rynning / CEO

Cyberwatcher (Norway)

I had the pleasure of working with Wakas during his role as architect at MSB International. The ideas that Wakas came up with were both innovative and coherent making my work much easier. He also managed to take what was essentially a creative role and apply a good structured approach to the design and development stages, interacting well with business and technical staff at all levels.

Paul Gregory / Lead Programmer

MSB International PLC (UK)

With Wakas there are no problems that can't be solved. He finds a solution for everything. If it doesn't exist he creates the solution himself. If he doesn't know how it works he studies until he knows.

Christine Holmen / Sales

NTB (Norway)

I would happily recommend Wakas to anyone looking for a pragmatic Interaction Designer, who combines technical competence with a customer focus and understanding.

Anna Cosic / Commercial Director

NTB (Norway)

Wakas is very serviceminded, always on hand to help, full of knowledge and good ideas. I have never heard him say no. He always finds the solution to a challenge.

Medland Ingrid / Marketing

NTB (Norway)

eBook on sales

In this eBook I have written some of the most amazing tips and techniques to get you sales. In this eBook I talk about the way a customer things and how you can use that for your own benefit and theirs. You will come across reminders and pointers which most probably will boost your confidence and make you even a better seller than before.


Due to my extensive portfolio of hands-on experience from various fields, I have had the chance to work with people from various walks of life. I have spoken about thousands of different topics related to life, relationships, business and e-commerce. Have launched dozens of top selling products, including design, development and sales to having them turn up on the shelves of various stores in Norway and in the hands of customers in other parts of the world. I can help you with a thing or two.

Below are some of the services that I can offer. I speak English, Norwegian, Urdu and Punjabi.

15 minute coaching

In this FREE session we will go through your ideas to see if we can work together. This session can be related to business, entrepreneurship, & any issues that are holding you back, which include personal issues where you need brotherly advice.

2 hr session / 3000kr

In this coaching session which lasts two hours, we will go through the obstacles and hurdles to see how you can succeed or atleast move forward. This session is where we will declutter most of your ideas to finalize what you really need.

1 month package / 6000kr

In this package which has 4 sessions in it, we will go through the obstacles and hurdles to see how you can succeed or atleast move forward. This session is where we will declutter most of your ideas to finalize what you really need.


Here are a few other services that I can offer. Fill the form below to let me know what you need.

Flyer / poster design

You will get a beautiful flyer/poster design based on your requirements. I will design the poster and deliver you the print-ready file.

Voiceover / narration

I can do voice over work in English, Norwegian, Urdu and Punjabi. You send the requirements, and I will send you the quote.

Web design / dev.

If you are looking for amazing landing pages, lead generation system, website or anything to make your daily tech routine easier, get in touch. I can come up with something great.

Get In Touch

Fill in the form with your requirements and I will respond if it's something I can help you with.

My Promise

I coach based on my decades of experience from various fields. Whatever I share with you will be based on the information and vibes I get from you.